«GIVE A CHANCE, GIVE A FUTURE», short «GIVE A CHANCE» is a non-profit organisation founded in 2010 by students from the University of Basel. It is dedicated to promoting the education and further development of children and young adults at home and abroad. Through its social projects, the organisation offers children and young adults a platform to develop their talents and abilities and realise their potential. In Switzerland, we organise events which offer gifted young artists the chance to showcase their talents before a wide audience. Active members of the organisation have the opportunity to gain practical experience in project management and team planning as well as the chance to organise and implement their own projects. GIVE A CHANCE, GIVE A FUTURE also supports the development of underprivileged children in Africa and runs an educational project in Cameroon. This involves supporting a village school by providing school equipment, improved infrastructure, and teacher training, a project which is independently run and personally overseen. GIVE A CHANCE, GIVE A FUTURE lives by the motto «PERSON TO PERSON».