Give A Chance School

Kribi Cameroon

The non-profit organisation Give A Chance! Give A Future! is undertaking its second education project – this time in Kribi, a city in southern Cameroon with approximately 60,000 inhabitants, which lies at the mouth of the Kienkié River on the Gulf of Guinea. 


The project entails the complete refurbishment and refurnishing of a local school building, next to which a well-equipped sports field is also planned. Give A Chance aims to complete this project and make the new infrastructure available to learners by the end of 2018. 


Give A Chance’s local representative in Kribi, Tobie Onana, will be responsible for overseeing the renovation and construction work. Progress on the project will also be regularly monitored by the school principal as well as by an external observer from the local business community. The Give A Chance team, which travels to Kribi twice per year, will also closely follow the project’s progress.


The Embolo Foundation has generously decided to finance half of the project’s expenses; the remainder of the funding will be provided by Give A Chance itself. The project’s total budget amounts to CHF 200,000.